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A year after I started living my dream of becoming a DJ in 2018 more and more doors were opening in all directions and a friend suggested that I should start my own label.


A label that would allow me to support others who want to live their dream as a DJ/producer by releasing and supporting their music.


Not much later, on a Sunday afternoon at a friend's house, with a glass of wine, the label Groovy Firehorse 66 was born. The grooving firehorse. 

You may ask yourself how the name was founded, let me explain:

The firehorse in the chinese zodiac, appears only every 60 years (1906-1966-2026) and it is said to have special characteristics

-> 1966 my year of birth

(Excerpt of a description.......Fire horse:
Passionate, combative and self-confident: people with the element of fire are energetic, impatient and bursting with strength. They like to use this for innovative projects and adventurous research projects .......)

After a few month my heart felt more and more passionated toward the deep house and tech house genre. Wich finally led me to the decisions to found two new labels who can support artists out of this genre as well. 


In August 2020 - Deep Firehorse 66 & Tech Firehorse 66 were founded. 

I am looking forward to all the good things that can happen!


Martina Budde


Groovy Firehorse 66
Image by Adrien Olichon
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